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Ever wonder how your favorite swimsuit or pair of leggings always stays in shape and fits like a second skin? That outfit was probably made with spandex fabric. Spandex is a synthetic fiber whose special blend of stretch, comfort, and durability has transformed the worlds of fashion and sportswear. These days, spandex can be found in many different products, such as lingerie, jeans, and swimwear in addition to athletic wear. 

To give stretch and comfort to fabrics like cotton, polyester, or nylon, it is frequently blended with other fibers. Depending on the desired amount of stretch and support, a typical spandex blend may contain anywhere between 2% and 20% spandex.

What is spandex fabric?

What is a Spandex Fabric? 

Instead of being composed of natural fibers like cotton or wool, spandex is a synthetic material made of chemical compounds. Its elastic qualities are another reason it is becoming more and more popular. 

But despite what the general public believes, the term “spandex” is not a brand name. The phrase is frequently used to characterize materials composed of polyether-polyurea copolymers that have been created through a variety of production techniques. Elastane and spandex Lycra are interchangeable terms.

Because of the fabric’s ability to stretch up to 5-8 times its normal size, form-fitting clothing is frequently made for consumers. Smaller quantities of this fabric are typically woven into other semi-synthetic, synthetic organic, or synthetic fibers rather than being used in apparel.

Properties of Spandex Fabric

  • Flexibilities: spandex fabric is a great option for making form-fitting, comfortable, and move-easy clothing because it can stretch up to five times its original length.
  • Cosiness: Spandex is a soft, lightweight fabric that is pleasant to wear. It is a popular option for activewear and athleisure because it is breathable and allows for freedom of movement.
  • Adaptability: Blending spandex with other fibers, like cotton, polyester, or nylon, can result in a variety of fabrics with distinct qualities.
  • Sturdiness: Spandex fabric has a reputation for being strong and resilient; it retains its elasticity and strength even after being repeatedly stretched, cleaned, and worn. 
  • Lightweight: Spandex fabric is breathable and lightweight, which makes it perfect for making sportswear and activewear that promotes flexibility in movement.
  • Fast-drying : Spandex is a popular material for swimwear and other water-resistant apparel because it dries quickly.

What Different Types of Spandex Fabric Are There?

Most people wouldn’t believe it, but there are actually several different types of spandex fabric, each with unique characteristics and benefits.

The term spandex is most widely used in North America to describe this material. It is an anagram originally for “expands,” and it has caught on as the mainstream, average-consumer term used throughout the US and Canada. In Europe, however, the term of choice is elastane, which is a more technically descriptive way to identify the material.

  • Cotton Spandex: A blend of spandex and cotton fibers is called cotton spandex. It’s very famous for being soft, comfortable, and stretchable, so it’s excellent material for loose-fitting, cozy clothing.
  • Nylon Spandex: A combination of nylon and spandex fibers creates nylon spandex. Its superior stretch and durability mean that it is most commonly used in dancewear, swimwear, and athletics wear.
  • Polyester spandex is a blend of both polyester and spandex. All these properties of polyester spandex make it very strong in shape retention, wrinkle-resistant, and durable, which means that activewear can definitely benefit very much.
  • Rayon spandex is a blend of rayon and spandex fibers. It is quite popular for the comfort, draping, and soft handle that every other time goes with loungewear and casual wear.


Although adding spandex to a fabric blend offers many benefits in terms of comfort and performance, there are a number of significant environmental effects associated with the production of this fiber and its disposal.

The first source of the environmental problems associated with the spandex fiber is its raw materials. These are byproducts of the fossil fuel industry that require much energy to extract and refine because they are petrochemicals made from nonrenewable resources. The majority of the excess greenhouse gas emissions that have caused the current climate crisis, in addition to habitat loss, air pollution, and health issues for communities living near industrial facilities, are all attributable to the fossil fuel industry.

Conversion of raw materials into the fiber we know and wear takes place in energy- and chemical-intensive processes, which have the potential to have negative effects on the environment and public health.

There are several problems that occur at this fiber’s end of life, for the environment and human health. Spandex is a non-biodegradable fiber made from petroleum, and it persists in the environment even after it is thrown away. Clothing made of this fiber releases small plastic fibers, or microplastics, into the environment during its life and after it is disposed of, again contributing to the problem of plastic pollution in the air, land, and oceans.

Key Takeaway 

Finding the right spandex fabric supplier is key for anyone in the textile business looking for high-quality materials. Lycra and spandex fabric is one of the most popular blends, best known for its extraordinary elasticity and durability. Next up is cotton with spandex fabric, perfect for balancing between comfort and stretch, making it great for casual wear. For something with a bit more shine and resilience, one would want elastane-spandex fabric, polyester spandex fabric, or poly spandex fabric, as they offer a long-lasting, shiny finish. Nylon and spandex fabric is also known for its durability and flexibility, thus making it perfect for sportswear and swimwear. A trustworthy spandex fabric wholesale provider guarantees a wide range of options for diverse manufacturing needs.

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