shoelace pattern

When selecting your perfect pair of shoes, shoelaces are very important. The design, colour, dimension, and shape of your shoelaces can alter the look of your shoes. Shoelaces are not only important for the aesthetics and overall look of the shoe, but are also crucial components, as they are instrumental in adjusting the fit, and grip and help support the foot.

In this blog, we will cover shoelace designs, colours and shapes. The trends that are shaping the shoelace industry and shifting consumer demand. We will also briefly discuss how to tie your shoelaces properly.

Shoelace Pattern & Shoe Design

Shoelaces can either complement or contrast the shoe colour. When the shoelace complements the shoe colour it creates a more basic and effortless look and typically gives a more subtle appearance to your overall outfit.  When the shoelace is a contrasting colour from the base shoe colour, this results in a more pumped-up and fun look to the shoe. These contrast-coloured shoelaces help the shoe grab more eyeballs and can elevate any basic outfit.

These days you can also notice attention-grabbing neon shoelaces that brighten up the shoe. Sometimes laces can also be made of materials sewed by sewing machine threads that glow-in-dark. These glow-in-dark shoelaces look chic and are also extremely helpful when the runner or athlete has an expedition in the night or the wee hours of the morning. When they glow in the dark it makes the athlete more visible and therefore prevents injuries and accidents.

Shoelaces can also vary in shape. They can either be slightly thick and round or thin and flat. Even a small detail like the shape of the shoelace can also significantly impact the overall shoe aesthetic.

shoelace pattern
Shoelace Pattern

Shoelace & Functionality

Shoelaces are not all fashion and aesthetics. They have a very important function as a shoe component. Shoelaces take care of the wearer’s safety by ensuring that the fit is secure and comfortable. In addition to this, shoelaces help adjust the shoe fitting and give a snug fit.

Customisable Shoelaces

The new-age modern customer is extremely fashion-conscious and has a mind of their own. They like to express their style and speak their mind with fashion. Be it their inclination towards basics or wanting an out-there high fashion look. Bands are responding to these desires and unmet needs by offering advanced options where buyers can customise their shoes. They can pick and colour, material, shape, texture and style. They can also choose their shoelaces to have features like glow-in-dark or shiny finish. You can also choose to get your initials or message sewn on the shoe with the help of polyester embroidery threads.

Sustainability in Shoelaces

As the end consumer becomes more conscious of the impact of their purchase decisions they are choosing to pay more for sustainable products and processes. To address this demand, top brands are offering options to choose ethically made shoelaces from sustainable materials.

In addition to this, shoelaces can also be recycled and reused or upcycled into garments like hoodies, etc. This can help reduce the amount of waste that enters the landfills every year.

Cleaning & Maintaining Shoelaces

Shoelaces not only face regular wear and tear from pulling, tugging, heaving and tying but also get soiled easily as the shoe is used on roads, muddy trails and dusty tracks. Therefore, cleaning and maintaining the shoelace is quintessential for both hygiene and aesthetics.

  • Washing Machine: Shoelaces can be put into the washing machine and cleaned alongside the other regular clothes in a gentle wash setting.
  • Hand Cleaning with Soap: Shoelaces can also be hand cleaned using a regular laundry detergent or soap
  • Deep Cleaning with Cleaning Solution: Shoelaces can accumulate dirt and muck easily as they are used outdoors in possibly muddy trails and dusty tracks. This can lead to stubborn stains on the shoelaces. Under these circumstances, using a strong clean solution can help. It can be made using half a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, half a teaspoon of washing soda, one tablespoon of laundry detergent and a bowl of warm water. This mixture can be stirred well and used to soak the laces for a few hours before scrubbing them.

Shoelaces may appear like a small component, but they play a vital role in the look and aesthetics of a shoe. Their colour, detailing, texture and features like glow-in-dark are loved by the fashion-conscious customer. Customers these days are aware that shoelaces can make a bold fashion statement.

In this blog, we’ve delved into details of shoelace design, colours, features and trends. We’ve learnt about the option to choose from cutting-edge reflective designs, bold colours, and sustainable material used in the manufacture of modern shoelaces.

When we talk about shoe components there are a few leading players in the industry. Coats is a leading manufacturer of footwear structural components. They are setting an example in CSR through their flagship Coats Cares Programme. The recent CSR event in India was Coats Cares India.

The ever-evolving fashion and shoelace industry offers a plethora of options for buyers. We also touched upon how to wash and maintain your shoelaces so that they remain functional and look appealing always.

It’s the tiny details that make all the difference. Happy Shopping!

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