hairstyle for dress type

Hairstyle For Dress Type If you’re wondering what hairstyle will go best with your dress, then wonder no more. We bring you simple tips to find the perfect hairstyle that will pair well with whatever you’re wearing. Just read on and choose from a host of beauty salon services and hairstyle menus to complete the look you’re going for.

The Right Cut Hairstyle For Dress Type

The sheer number of hairstyles that you can find nowadays can simply be overwhelming. It doesn’t matter if you’re going on a casual coffee crawl with your girlfriends or dressing up for a big date — how you dress up your hair can significantly contribute to your overall look.

While most necklines can complement various hairstyles, it’s still ideal to find the perfect one that will highlight your best features. There are three primary factors to consider when choosing a Hairstyle for dress type:


How you feel is a primary contributing factor to achieving the look you’re aiming for. When you’re feeling fun and fabulous, you can ask your stylist to go for feather locks or hair sparkles. When you’re more into a mature and sophisticated look, your stylist can perhaps style your hair into an elegant updo or give you a Brazilian Blowout.

Dress Length

You should also consider the length of your dress if you want to keep a fluid look. Longer frocks tend to lean toward a more conservative hairstyle, while shorter dresses pair better with more carefree styles and cuts.


The neckline of your dress can also help you decide your hairstyle. It would also depend on whether you want to highlight your assets or conceal some parts using your hair.

Clothes with simple necklines usually go well with any hairstyle, so you can rely on your mood and your dress length when putting together a look. As a general rule, elaborate necklines would go well with hairstyles pulled away from the face to direct attention to the outfit or accessory you want to highlight.

hairstyle for dress type
Hairstyle For Dress Type

Would a messy bun go well with cute summer blouses? Should you go for an updo or mermaid braids when wearing a strapless gown? We give you helpful answers below. Here are some other styling tips that you can also take note of:

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1.   Strapless Necklines

Clothes with strapless necklines are some of the most versatile cuts that work well with various hairstyles. Strapless dresses or tops display your neck and shoulders, so it is up to you if you want to draw attention to them or not. You can go for a classy updo or opt for more free-flowing hairstyles like mermaid hair or even hair extensions.

If you want to highlight your jawline, you can go for a sharp bob. If it’s your collarbone or neck that you want to display, ask your hairstylist to put your hair up in a bun or a high pony. Listen to your hairstylist’s opinion, as they have more experience when it comes to hairstyles.

Since strapless necklines can pretty much go with any hairstyle, decide on your final look by considering where you are going and what mood you want to convey.

2.  Sweetheart Necklines

This simple and feminine neckline can also work with a variety of looks.

If you’re going to a formal occasion like a prom or wedding, then you can go for a modern curly French roll, romantic French twist updo, or a top-wrapped bun.

If you want to go edgy and modern, your sweetheart neckline will go best with a textured lob, an undercut bob, or fishtail braids.

3.   Round and Square Necklines

Round and square necklines are a couple of the most common designs you will find. They accentuate your shoulders instead of bringing attention to your neckline.

For unadorned round- or square-necked clothes, opt for free-flowing hairstyles like textured beach hair with wispy bangs or a tousled and pinned side updo. You can also wear your hair in braids or adorn it with accessories like clips or twists.

If the dress design already has too much detail on the neckline, go for a hairstyle that is pulled away from your face, such as a low, side ponytail with a twist, a big bun of braids, or a chunky fishtail braid ponytail.

Shorter hairstyles will also work, such as a pixie cut, angled blunt bob, or a curly stacked haircut. You can also experiment with color and highlights. Just ask your hairstylist which cut and color will best suit you.

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4.  Clothes with V-Necks

Necklines that go down your décolletage and form a V-shape can give a sensual and sultry vibe. Depending on your mood and dress design, your hairstyle can either go fierce and flirty or alluring and mysterious.

Since this neckline can be half-cool and half-sexy, why not try a half-up, half-down hairstyle? Pull hair away from your face but leave half your tresses loose and free behind your back. Side-swept curls can lend a gentle sweetness, while a half-up ‘do with box braids and loose curls at the bottom can give more of a “modern woman” vibe.

5. High-necked Clothing

hairstyle for dress type
Hairstyles for high neck dress

Crewnecks, turtlenecks, and even some halter-style dresses draw attention to your neck, albeit in a more covered manner.

High necklines go well with updos. You can ask your hairstylist to offer you different updo options depending on the occasion or event you are attending, your mood, or the design of your dress.

One way to wear your hair is to put it in a sleek ponytail paired with bold makeup. A fishtail braided updo will also look good when paired with a high neckline dress in lace or geometric designs. Vintage locks, especially when you have short or medium hair, won’t compete with an elegant high neckline.

Perfect Pair Hairstyle for High Ceck Dress

Choosing your haircut according to the neckline of your dress or top can make a world of difference to your look. It can highlight your assets and draw attention to the accessories you’re wearing or the design you want to display.

Your trusted salon and hairstylist can help you make the right decision when it comes to your hair. Make sure to consult them about the cut, colour, or treatment that will make your hair ready for any outfit.

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