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VCH piercings might sound exclusive, but the reality is that they and various other types of vagina piercings are quite common. Studies have found that just 2% of women go for such piercings. And there are good reasons why these women choose clit piercings; they are sexual pleasure and better appearance.

VCH or Vertical Clitoral Hood piercing is undoubtedly a popular type of female genital piercing and is also one of the most functional piercings one can get. That’s because it enhances sexual pleasure while making sexual stimulation more intense.


Sexual benefits of this kind of piercing are the main factor behind more and more women going for these piercings. There’s a search backing this fact!

VCH Piercing Rings

Now coming to the different varieties of VCH piercing rings, there are some popular choices available. Let’s have a look:

Captive Bead Ring

vch piercing jewelry

The captive bead rings are one of the most popular choices in the category of VCH piercing rings mainly because the beads of the ring sit comfortably on top of the clit. Thus, it offers the piercing an amazing stimulation, mainly targeted stimulation.

However, some women prefer barbells or rings, and for such exclusive preferences, there are a plethora of options available in the market.

Circular Barbell Rings

VCH Piercing Rings

Circular barbell rings are out and out the most commonly used VCH piercing rings mainly because they easily follow the shape and the size of the clit. It is this feature that allows the barbell rings to comfortably rest on the clit.

And yes, another great thing about using these rings is that they remain tucked away and conveniently protected from allergies and irritation while a woman goes about with her regular business.

The circular barbell rings available in classic belly ring designs or the ones with small threaded ends in opal, gem, or ball style are considered the best.

Hoop Rings

The hoop rings make for flashy VCH piercing, while the ones with smooth balls at one end are in huge demand. These come with bezel-set gemstones on the other end, bringing some serious attraction and bling to the lady parts.

You even be a bit classy by going for faux turquoise or pearl hoop rings. Nevertheless, the best option would be to have a word with your piercer and then go with your preferences. This way, you will get the best suggestions on the styles you must go for.

Handcuff Dangles

These are long VCH piercing rings, but they can also be trimmed to the desired length. As is suggested by the name, they come in handcuff style and dangle from the clit. They even have stainless steel balls at one end.

VCH Shield Rings

Again, as suggested by the name, they serve as a shield or covering for the clit and are quite comfortable as well. These are generally made of solid steel. One thing noteworthy about these rings is that they can reduce the wearable portion of the VCH piercing.

When going for VCH piercing rings, you do not know how the piercing will react, and therefore it is always excellent to experiment with different styles. Try out different ring styles until you get hold of one that works best and offers you the most pleasure!

Jewelry has long been a source of personal expression and body adornment for many people. VCH jewellery stands out for its distinct and intimate appeal, so in this article, we’ll delve into this fascinating world, looking into its meaning, styles, care requirements and much more.

What Is Vertical Clitoral Hood Jewelry (VCH Jewelry)? Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) jewelry is a type of body jewelry specifically designed for use in vertical clitoral hood piercings – a fold of skin covering the clitoris that has become increasingly popular because of its aesthetic qualities and increased sexual stimulation potential.

VCH Piercings have a rich history that spans back centuries. VCH piercings were practised by various cultures, such as Ancient Egyptians, who used gold rings as genital ornaments; more recently, VCH piercings gained widespread acceptance during the piercing resurgence in the 1980s and 90s.

Picking Out VCH Jewelry Finding the ideal VCH jewellery is essential for both comfort and style, so here’s what to keep in mind when selecting your piece:

  1. Material
    VCH jewelry is typically constructed of surgical steel, titanium or niobium, which are hypoallergenic and safe for piercings. Select one according to your skin sensitivity for best results.
  2. Style
    VCH jewelry comes in various styles, such as captive bead rings, curved barbells, and circular barbells, making your selection entirely dependent on personal preferences and comfort levels.
  3. Size
    VCH jewelry should fit snuggly without discomfort for your piercing site, so always consult a professional piercer to select the ideal size.

Piercing Process
Acquiring a VCH piercing requires careful thought and expert skills. Here is what to expect during the piercing process:

  1. Consultation
    Begin your piercing journey by meeting with an experienced piercer for an initial consultation. The piercer will assess your anatomy before explaining the procedure, jewelry options, and aftercare protocol.
  2. Sterilization
    To prevent infections from developing during the piercing procedure, your piercer will first sterilize his equipment and your skin to protect you.
  3. Piercing
    To complete a VCH piercing, your piercer will use a sterilized needle. The process should be quick, with minimal discomfort or pain during this step.
  4. Aftercare
    Adequate aftercare is vital for a successful healing experience, including keeping the area clean, not touching the jewelry with dirty hands, and following all instructions provided by your piercer with precision.

Styling VCH Jewelry
VCH jewelry provides an exclusive opportunity for self-expression. Here are a few styling tips to make the most of your piercing.

  1. Lingerie Complement VCH jewelry adds an irresistibly sensual element to intimate moments.
  2. Custom Charms
    Add personalized charms or dangles to your VCH jewelry to express who you are or your interests.
  3. Everyday Elegance
    VCH jewelry doesn’t just belong on special occasions – wear it daily to show off your personal style!

Care and Maintenance for VCH Piercing
Proper hygiene and care of VCH piercings are crucial to their healthy development and recovery. Here are some suggestions:

  • Cleaning Routine
    Before and after each piercing session, use an antimicrobial or saline solution recommended by your piercer to disinfect and sanitize the piercing site.
  • Avoid Harsh Products
    To avoid irritation from harsh soaps or chemicals near piercings, avoid using harsh soaps and chemicals near them, such as harsh soaps or chemicals used in washing hair or hair dyeing products.
  • Be Aware
    Be mindful when wearing and performing activities to reduce friction or tugging on jewellery pieces.
    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Is Receiving a VCH Piercing Hurtful?
    • This depends on each individual, though most describe it as an intense pinch that passes quickly.
  • How long will it take my VCH piercing to heal?
    On average, VCH piercings usually take four to six weeks to recover fully; however, individual healing times may differ.
  • Can I change my VCH jewellery myself?
    • For optimal safety and results, professional piercers should change out your VCH jewelry to prevent complications or damage to both itself and other pieces in your collection.
  • Are There Any Risks Associated with VCH Piercings?
    • As with any form of body piercing, there are always the potential risks of infection or rejection; however, with proper care and hygiene, these risks can be reduced significantly.
  • Does VCH jewelry increase sexual pleasure?
    • Many individuals report increased sensitivity and satisfaction after getting pierced with VCH jewelry; however, the exact results depend on each experience.

VCH jewelry provides a distinctive way to express yourself and enhance intimate moments. By selecting appropriate jewelry, care, and styling, you can experience all that VCH piercings offer while prioritizing safety with professional advice as you explore this journey towards self-expression and discovery. Enjoy it!

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