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Mens Underwear Manufacturers: For living a healthy lifestyle it’s very essential to make fitness part of your schedule especially those men who belong to the desk job after all they have to spend their whole day sitting at one place which results in weight gain and incorrect posture. According to the European Heart Journal ” sitting for long hours can lead to higher chances of health risks such as artery blockage and low levels of “good” cholesterol (HDL). Well, studies have proven that people do get indulge in vigorous exercise but after their office hours hence this phenomenon was named as the ‘Active Couch Potato’ so even if you are in the office or on a vacation it’s very important to exercise, though you cannot do cardio, Zumba while working but can stay fit with basic exercises such as stretching your wrists, rotating your neck after every few hours. Instead of sitting and taking a phone call, develop the “WALK AND TALK” habit.

Mens Underwear Manufacturers

Mens Underwear Manufacturers
Mens Underwear Manufacturers

Mens Underwear Manufacturers

For your vigorous exercises, make sure you have the right type of underwear which means, crafted in moisture-wicking fabrics because workout generates sweat which can lead to bacterial infections hence fabrics should be breathable as well just like your cotton, but you are not going for that. Invest in polyester or nylon because they are designed to get rid of any moisture. Another important step that you should take is separating your workout and regular wear clothes as well as men’s underwear.

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Other factors that one should consider before picking up men’s lingerie for a workout are.

1. Comfort

Fabrics that are highly considered for your gymming because of their comfort, breathability, and flexibility features are nylon, polyester, spandex, bamboo, and wool (especially merino wool) because of its ideal for hot as well as for cold weather and thanks to its temperature regulating breathable, sweat-wicking and anti-bacterial characteristics.

2. Styles

Though there are various styles for workouts such as boxer briefs, briefs or trunks the best one is Jockstraps. What is that one thing which your gym underwear must have?, comfort and ability to protect family jewels and no other form of lingerie could do it better than athletic supporters because they are designed for that. Its protective cup is meant for your squats, leg day or pilates so that you won’t end up causing a hernia. Make sure it’s in the right size.


Your underwear fabrics should change according to the weather. Invest in male underwear which comes in breathable and lightweight fabrics such as nylon and polyester(as mentioned above)

For your winters, an exercise in men’s lingerie that keeps you cool but doesn’t compromise with features such as sweat-wicking and breathability that’s the reason why its better to have merino wool.

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4.Freedom of movement.

If your men’s lingerie is stylish, designed in great color combinations but don’t let you move from one place to another, do you think it’s worth wearing? 

For achieving freedom of movement while exercising hope you are not wearing underwear made out of linen, silk or cotton. Also, it should neither be boxers, G-string or C-string.

Besides the above-mentioned points, other things that you should keep in mind is, no baggy or lace underwear if you want to stay away from friction. No need to experiment with the silhouettes go for classic cuts as these are the safest option. Your synthetic underwear should be made out of antimicrobial quality. Wings2fashion is leading Gents Underwear, Male Undergarment manufacturers, Mens Underwear Manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India.

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