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Corporate Uniform Manufacturers: Uniforms are a part of every brand. All professional institutes have a code of conduct that includes wearing the right and prescribed uniform while being on the premises. One major factor that governs the option to prescribe uniform is to bring order and a sense of unity among the people. Brands often opt for unique designs for their company uniforms to distinguish it from other brands with corporate uniform manufacturers in India. Though it is all a part of marketing, curating a uniform does involve a substantial amount of cost on the company’s finances. Here are some tips for picking out cost-effective corporate uniforms for your brand:

Corporate Uniform Manufacturers

Corporate Uniform Manufacturer
corporate uniform manufacturers
  • Design – Every brand has a brand colour and design. Some might want their uniforms to be fancy with ruffles and other designs while others prefer an extremely professional outfit with lapels and pockets in the right places with good buttons sewed. One has to remember that anything besides a plain uniform garment will involve extra cost; especially fittings like lapels and pockets. See if you can minimise the overall design to keep it minimalistic. Getting advice from a good corporate clothing manufacturer will always help.
  • Raw materials – Going for quality raw materials is essential. But at the same time, you need to properly research where you can find the right materials at the correct cost. Think of what kind of base material you will need for your uniform. Some industries will require only the usual cotton cloth. In contrast, others like catering or jobs related to manufacturing units with heat or other harsh materials will need a thicker cloth to protect the skin. So, choose the base material wisely to adapt the cost accordingly.
  • Research – It is essential that you research properly about what are the various corporate uniform suppliers. Check for options and get their quotations before you directly decide on one manufacturer. There are so many reasonable suppliers out there. You just have to do proper research about them. Ask for samples if possible, to check the quality that they provide. This will also help you decide if you will have to reach out to them for further orders.
  • Printed logos – Most brands prefer their logos on the uniforms. It is an excellent way to distinguish your company’s uniforms from that of others’. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of options to put your logo on the uniform – the most basic and long-lasting one being the logo embroidered on the dress. Though it will be a machine embroidery, it does add an extra cost as it is time-consuming. However, there are other methods that you can ask if it is available with them. The cost-effective one being screen printing or digital printing. This reduces the cost to a great extent.
  • Model – What model of uniform will you want for your brand? There are various options to choose from – round neck shirts, polo shirts, customized shirts and shirts with sleeve variations. While single piece shirts have per unit cost, taking material in bulk and getting it stitched in a consistent and regular size will cost you much less. But again, it solely depends on what your company standards are.
  • Bulk Order – Ordering smaller quantities will often cost you more as manufacturers will have to struggle to find minimal material and spend energy and machinery in producing a lower count while they actually have equipment designed for mass manufacturing. Bulk orders will also allow you to request a fair discount that will reduce the overall cost.
  • Check out on every stage – Another pro tip to save a great deal of cost is to stay in regular touch with the manufacturer. Your role just does not end with placing an order. You will have to follow-up with them on every stage to check the status and the design of the output. For example, if there is any alteration that is to be made, it only makes sense to make the alterations while the design is still in production. This simple step can help you save any unexpected costs from faulty designs.

These are some of the tips that you can follow to make sure you get the right uniform output with proper cost and quality. It is always advisable to consult with a corporate clothing manufacturer and designer before placing an order. Tell them your requirement and they will help in providing suggestions that might come in handy to you.

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Rahul Jain is the Founder and Director of RSM Chennai Uniforms, leading corporate uniform manufacturers in Chennai. He has been in the clothing industry for more than 3 decades and harbors a strong passion for sharing his observations and knowledge of the industry sector.

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