traditional german outfit

German Attire, like traditional dirndl dresses and Lederhosen, offers timeless style when paired with the right accessories. Traditional German Outfit Whether it is a delicate Edelweiss pendant, traditional hair pins, or a handcrafted belt cinching the waist of Lederhosen, they add rustic charm to your appearance, especially during Oktoberfest.  According to the German Fashion Institute, 72% of participants felt more expressive when accessing perfectly with their traditional clothes.

Remember, wearing traditional accessories with your Bavarian dress is your choice. There are no hard and fast rules, just endless possibilities to express your unique style.

Traditional German Outfit

Look Like a True German with Traditional Accessories

Elevate your look to the ordinary with Bavarian accessories made with extraordinary details. Unlike everyday ornaments, they are made in vintage styles, often handcrafted, using time-honored techniques.

They are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and motifs to complement an individual’s style. However, authenticity doesn’t have to break the bank. Seek out local artisans or online stores that sell handcrafted pieces at the best rates.

Traditional German Outfit
Traditional German Outfit

Feather Accessories

Feathers have long been used with German outfits, adorned on men’s and women’s hats. In the 18th and 19th centuries, feathers were a powerful symbol of social status, reflecting wealth and hierarchy. With the rise of the 20th century, these feathers transformed from status symbols to decorative elements.

Today, feathers remain a popular choice for accessorizing German attire. Modern-day feathers come in incredible colors with metallic accents. Women can incorporate this traditional accessory into braids, updos, hats, or footwear. However, men can achieve an authentic look by tucking feathers into the Tracten hat or on the suspender buttons.

Head Accessories

German headwear is usually worn in headbands, hats, or hairpieces for functionality and personal flair. During the Middle Ages, women donned headdresses or head accessories adorned with peals, while men wore pointed hats or feathered berets.

Nowadays, headwear offers a diverse blend of traditional and contemporary trends. From traditional Bavarian hats to elegant fascinators, Hauben, headbands, and floral crowns, a traditional headpiece is available for every taste.

Leather Belts

Traditional leather is becoming an inseparable part of your Bavarian Lederhosen to add a touch of authenticity to your look. In Germany, leather belts were worn by wealthy individuals as a symbol of status.

These belts are now available in classic designs to complete your traditional attire. Made of full-grain leather, these belts handcrafted edges and unique buckles showcasing classic craftsmanship. To style perfectly, wear a matching belt with your shoe or another leather accessory like a watch strap or handbag.


An authentic dirndl look calls for a perfect hairstyle and beautiful traditional jewelry. The Bavarian culture boasts unique jewelry styles influenced by local materials, handcrafted techniques, and cultural beliefs. Beyond aesthetics, jewelry that goes with dirndl often carries symbolic meaning.

Motifs like edelweiss, hearts, and oak leaves represent love, strength, and purity, adding a personal connection to the wearer.  From traditional Bavarian necklaces to stud earrings, traditional brooches to bracelets and statement rings,

Trachtenschmuck adds a touch of authenticity to your German attire. Coordinate your jewelry with the colors and textures of your outfit, ensuring a cohesive look.

Charivari Chain

Charivari is an 11-12 inch traditional silver chain, worn with Tracht such as Lederhosen or vest. They became important status symbols during the 19th century, the more silver and gemstones, the higher the wearer’s status and vice versa.

Women can also wear Charivari to accessorize the traditional dress. Men’s charivari often feature larger and less ornate charms. These charms may represent hunting trophies, professions, or regional symbols. On the other hand, women’s Charivari tends to be more delicate and features smaller charms, including floral motifs, hearts, or even religious symbols. Choose a charivari with colors and metals that complement the overall palette of your Bavarian costume.

Suspenders with Lederhosen

Your Lederhosen men’s outfit is incomplete without suspenders. Beyond just holding up your leather trousers, these accessories add much to the rustic charm of your outfit.

Traditionally crafted from high-quality leather,  suspenders offer durability and a timeless look. They are further enhanced by handcrafted embroidery and motifs. Match the color of your traditional leather suspenders with the dominant color of your outfit to enjoy a standout appearance.

Dirndl Handbags

A dirndl handbag is a functional and fashionable companion to complete your Bavarian outfit. Traditional Bavarian bags are adorned with classic details and features, making them an authentic German fashion accessory.

While traditional styles continue to dominate, some contemporary variations with a classic twist are also grabbing the attention. You can choose from various Bavarian bag styles, including clutches, shoulder bags, handbags, heart-shaped bags, and more, as per your unique preferences.

Authentic Bavarian Shoes

Beyond everyday footwear, traditional German shoes feature classic details and authentic leather. They are essential to complete your Bavarian appearance.

Many footwear options are available to pair perfectly with your Lederhosen, including Haferlschuhe (low-cut leather boots), lace-up boots, and Trachtenschuhe. For dirndl, the best options include Marry Janes, pumps, flats, and Ballerinas. Some modern shoe variations for your Traditional German Outfit include traditional sneakers and slippers adorned with classic designs.

Accessorize to Express Your Individuality

With these Traditional German Outfit & traditional costume accessories, you can perfect your authentic Bavarian look for cultural festivities and weddings. For a rustic appeal, choose accessories for your German outfit made in vintage styles and themes while featuring authentic details. If you wish, you can also have custom accessories to showcase your personal style.

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