Latest Fashion Trends for Western Dresses As a kid, I remember seeing some of my mother’s “crazy” designs in a 70’s photo album, like I did yesterday. These beautiful fashion trends at the time has come a long way to inspire great designers of today. Kofi Ansah, Joni Mitchell, Cher, Bianca Jagger and Victoria Beckham have all been inspired by the style of the 1960s and 1970s. In reality, old designs can never be underestimated. They have great courage and style, but that of the 70s can not be compared with the 80s. Both styles are different. At the time, fashion trends were not the same. Every year, something new showed up. Many brands competed for the best place. Besides Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Yves Saint Laurent (YSL), there were Biba, Halston and Margaret Thatcher (a British official who became prime minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990). They had a unique high-class clothing style. Margaret, commonly known as Iron Woman, registered her name as a good statement in the fashion world of the 70s. She was known for her bright costumes and bright blouses. Her outfits were gorgeous and stood out from men in all political events.

Margaret Thatcher

Diane Von Fürstenberg is one of the most famous fashion brands of the 1970s. She made luxurious dresses for the public, including silk t-shirts suitable for all women. In 1974, Diana became the best-selling designer after Coco Chanel (another fashion brand). She received more honor and a special grace. This was a recognition given to her by a respected magazine – Cover of the Newsweek Business Bible. In 1976, she did not relent on hardwork; she sold more than five (5) million types of her fashionable clothes in the world. Diane made an indelible fashion impression on the memories of people with an epitome of polished perfection.

Diane Von Fürstenberg

In 1973 a gentleman who was also aggressively doing well for himself as a designer appear. Halston was arguably one of the most famous fashion designers in the 1970s as a brand. Roy Holston’s designs were not only beautiful but quality clothing. His clothes were beautifully made from all fabrics, without pieces cut away. I am pretty sure you remember the sweater that covered the chest of women in that era (1970). All these dresses were collections from Roy Holston. He is truly a legend in the fashion industry.

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To date, when I hear Cher’s song titled “ All I Really Want To Do”, I could always remember how this song sounded all over the world in 1975. This song was a duet with Chaz Bono. And the collaboration was excellent. Cher – is an embodiment of total showbiz. Her Stylish fashion followed her music.

As a matter of fact, her try-out beautiful and fashionable prints were not patronised by the masses alone but were worn by herself anytime she was on stage. Cher is a living legend.


Fashion they say, have a direct association with pleasant smell. And as an addicted lover of quality fragrances, I cannot do this without a word on perfumes. The name I can think of is Karl Lagerfeld. During the 1970s season, the German designer produced good shoes, dresses and perfumes, and created excellent collections with other great brands. Unfortunately, Karl passed on at the beginning of this year (February 2019). He left a huge legacy. Latest fashion trends

Karl Lagerfeld

Most fashion trademarks were big “dogs” in the 70s. As a super- model and the Queen of Runway, Naomi Campbell was not missing in the growth. She was also a part of the success story of the 70s fashion fad. These brands were very famous that, most of the world’s music idols and hitzmaking rolls collaborated with them and created great music videos with their stylish designs. I recall the famous Scandi Cool collection, released by the ever charming ABBA vocal group. Their clothes were known to be shiny pants and silver moon boots. They were also clad in Long white dresses that opened in front. The style was inspired by Japanese dresses and were simply beautiful.


Naomi Campbel

Undoubtedly, the world couldn’t have been better without fashion. In the 1970s, the stylish iconic outfits demonstrated that the 70s were really the best fashion era. They were innovative and world class with a distinction.

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