Western Dresses for Girls It is interesting to see the composition of old clothes, which is again used for new clothes. At a recent London event, the Duchess of Cambridge did this and added a few changes to the old worn dress. People wondered why she wore a selfsame dress instead of buying new ones for such a special event. Especially as she is known to have the best wardrobe.

Well, experts say there is no problem tweaking dresses. However, granted worldwide status, one would have thought she could’ve totally changed her dress regardless of the nature of the event.

At the National Portrait Gala 2019

During a recent event, Kate Middleton was seen in a Gucci dress at the National Portrait Gala 2019 in London. Guests were amazed and all eyes were on her. Guests, including celebrities, especially fashion professionals, discovered that the dress was worn at a previous event.

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Western Dresses for Girls

Kate first appeared at BAFTA in 2017,  but her dress seems to have tweaked a bit. The difference was so small that you cannot notice it. Are you surprised people were smart enough to discover the difference? Well, in the case of major events, such as the BAFTAs, you should expect loads of observing fashion professionals who are very quick to spot a difference.

Western Dresses for Girls
Western Dresses for Girls

At the BAFTAs 2017

Kate was seen wearing a pretty black dress designed by Alexander McQueen, with a black sash, tiered skirt and delicate thin color prints. To match her beautiful dress, her hairstyle was exceptionally beautiful and flowed on her shoulders. What a nice way to add new yarn to an old dress!. Unfortunately, observers do not consider this necessary. She looked very stunning and noticeable in all respects, but the mass had problems with her wardrobe.

One of the portraits at the Gala 2019

Some guests believe that she should have chosen brand new clothes, given her individuality as a Duchess. Others think that her dress could have been modified to look completely different. Another section also believes she should be left alone to enjoy her collection. After all, everyone has a favorite. What do you think?

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