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Handbags styles 2020: Summer’s finally here and we’re excited! Not least because it’s time for an all-important wardrobe update The 3 Styles of Bags You Need to Take You Through Summer.

As the season changes and summer brings longer, balmier days, you instinctively switch out your clothes. Summer brings so much fun along — extended vacations, exotic travels, pool parties, days at the beach, and glitzy sporting events. Your summer wardrobe reflects this with brighter colors, lighter fabrics, bolder patterns, and more playful styles.

Handbags styles 2020

Your accessories need some summer-loving, too. The trusty black leather tote or messenger bag that got you through the colder seasons needs switching out. They just don’t work with floaty summer fabrics, fresher colors, or with a bathing suit on the poolside.

Handbags styles 2020

So, what should you be carrying this season? Here are three styles of bags that have every possible occasion covered.

1. A Bright, Bold Tote

The tote is the most versatile bag for most occasions. Generously-sized, it’ll carry all your day-to-day essentials, and bits you pick up along the way. It hits that sweet spot too: smart enough for the office, but not so smart you can’t carry it all weekend, too.

For summer, switch-heavy dark leather for a bold, bright color to celebrate summer. The bolder, the better. Vivid sky blues, mustard yellows, and fuchsia pinks all shout loud and complement most outfits. And the best thing about these bags? They’ll add a pop of color to any outfit all year round.

Summer Handbag Styles
Handbags styles 2020

White leather totes are a classic look. Or if the leather isn’t your thing, then lookout for a patent non-leather alternative.

For a more casual vibe, you could consider a non-leather tote. Straw or wicker has a whimsical summer feel. Alternatively, a colorful print on canvas has playful summer days written all over it. We love the softer structured raffia-effect tote bags from Gucci, with their gold-toned chain shoulder straps.

For maximum practicality, look for a tote that has handles and a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap. An internal zip pocket keeps small essentials safe, too.

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2. A Utilitarian Belt Pack

Love. Hate. Love. Hate.

No accessory has ever divided opinion quite so much as the belt pack.

In the late 80s and early 90s, they were huge. Once Claudia Schiffer appeared in Chanel ads with one, everybody needed one to complete their shell suit ‘athleisure’ look.

The 3 Styles of Bags You Need to Take You Through Summer

And, after some time out of the limelight, the belt pack is now back. Great news for those looking for the perfect accessory for summer weekends. A zipped belt pack is a perfect bag for accessorizing streetwear, leisurewear, swimwear or anything else you fancy dressing down.

It’s oh so practical, too. Great for your essentials for the beach or pool, or keeping your passport safe on vacation. What’s not to love?

And our favorite way of wearing it? Slung over the shoulder and across the body for that asymmetrical, nonchalant ‘who cares? It’s the weekend’ vibe. 

Balenciaga bags are the go-to fashion house for belt packs. Their bold designs have heaps of attitude that work so well on a belt pack. Look out for their fearless graffiti designs, in particular.

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3. An Elegant Clutch

As much as we love the belt pack, you’ll need something else for summer evenings. This is where the envelope clutch comes in. No bag is more refined and elegant for evening cocktails and late-night dinners.

The tidy silhouette of a classic envelope clutch works with any evening outfit — whether it be floaty or more structured. And we love the clean, crisp sound that comes with snap fastening, too.

Handbags styles 2020
Handbags styles 2020 You Need to Take You Through Summer

This season, we love classic crocodile-effect clutches from Alexander McQueen and Chloe, and a studded clutch from Valentino.

If you’re after something a little more cutting edge, then look out for twists on this classic. Balenciaga offers several clutches that think outside the box, or at least the rectangle: their triangular shapes, logo prints, zip fastenings, and quilted patent pouches are all a little different.

Handbags styles 2020

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Ladies’ handbag on a white background

Every Occasion Covered

It’s so important to get your bag right. Handbags styles 2020

Many an overstuffed or oversized bag has ruined an otherwise great outfit.

With this trio of bags, you’ve got every occasion covered — whether it be a meander through a local market on your travels, lazy day lounging by the pool, or a lavish drinks reception.


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