How to Wear a T-shirt Fashionably: You’re standing in front of your bathroom mirror, staring hard at your reflection and hating everything about the current outfit you’ve got on. You’ve tried almost everything in your closet and nothing seems to look right, is either too casual or too dressy for this occasion, and you’re not sure what to do. A buzz sounds from your phone and a text message alert lights up your screen because your friends are five minutes away from your house, about to pick you up to hang out. But you have nothing to wear! As you silently (and not so silently) freak out by your closet, rummaging through the endless hangers and shelves, you eye spot a t-shirt lying in the corner of your closet. How to Wear a T-shirt Fashionably

How to Wear a T-shirt Fashionably

Of course! How could you have forgotten that t-shirt? It’s been a while since you’ve worn it, but now you know just what to do. Sometimes we forget that t-shirts can be worn with other pieces of clothing to be dressed up or dressed down.  Depending on the affair, here are a couple of ways to style your t-shirt, and take your look to the next level.

How to Wear a T-shirt Fashionably
How to Wear a T-shirt Fashionably

Styled for: A Casual Outing

Heading to lunch, a movie, or shopping at the mall with some friends. Nothing says cute, casual like wearing a t-shirt and pairing it with a pair of skinny jeans. Choosing a color that is a dark wash will make the look even slimmer and sleeker. Top off the whole ensemble with a set of black ankle boots to add some height.

How to Wear a T-shirt Fashionably
How to Wear a T-shirt Fashionably

Styled for: A Night Out

To style a t-shirt for a night out, you’ll want to pair the shirt with a piece that is fancier, such as a black pencil or mini skirt. This type of outfit work will work at a nightclub or bar, and to a fancy restaurant or hotel. Pair it off with a pair of platform or open-toe heels.

Styled for: A Morning at Church

Thank God for the t-shirts! Forget the idea that’s been drilled down into your head that you have to wear covered-up formal or work dresses to church. You’ll often find yourself grabbing Sunday dinner after church service with your family, and you can still look fashionable and appropriate while doing it. Wear a Christian T-Shirt with words of inspiration that inspire you, and pair it with a jean skirt to bring a dash of formality to the outfit. Pairing this look by tucking the shirt into the top of a pair of jeans can also make for a comfortable setting.

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