How To Care For The Beard

Having the perfect beard entails more care and responsibilities than many men believe. Having a beard goes beyond stopping shaving and letting the hair grow. It is about carrying out a series of care and hygiene to keep it always perfect, which at first glance may seem complicated.

In this post, LXR wants to share with all men a series of tips to take care of the beard to always have it perfect. Thanks to these tips, you will be able to have your perfect beard from the last visit to the barbershop and the next one.

However, it must be borne in mind that the rate of visits to the barbershop will depend on your type of beard and its length. Since, in short beards, hair growth is much more noticeable than in longer beards. Despite the frequency with which you visit the barber, it is very important to carry out a series of care.

How To Care For The Beard
How To Care For The Beard

Tips to How To Care For The Beard

Next, we will detail the recommendations and daily care that you must carry out for your beard, for which you will need shaving accessories.

Recommendations for cleaning the beard

Something that some men do not usually take into account is that hair growth causes flaking and itching on the skin of the face. This is a completely natural skin reaction. However, it is important to carry out a correct daily cleaning of the beard. For this, the best way to carry it out is in the shower, with hot water to open the pores and with a natural soap, specific for beards. You can find them both in pills or in the gel.

The application of soap should always be done downward. This way you will avoid tangles, which will break the hair when you have to brush it. Once the soap has been well applied and the skin cleansed, rinse with plenty of water, making sure not to leave soap residue. After rinsing, it’s time to dry the beard and face with a towel to remove all moisture.

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Moisturize the beard

This is a very important step, which should not be forgotten. For this, there are many types of oils and balms to moisturize beards, such as castor essential oil, which you can find here, which has many natural properties, very beneficial to encourage hair growth and strength. To apply it, simply place the amount of a walnut in the palm of your hand and massage it from the skin to the ends to ensure that they are completely hydrated. After this, it is convenient to comb the beard with a large-toothed comb.

Before applying it, make sure the beard is dry. Otherwise, the oil will not penetrate the skin properly. It is also important not to exceed the amount of oil we use. If not, it will leave a greasy, oily and dirty appearance.

Luckily, most oils have a drip dispenser. Therefore, if you have a short beard, it is advisable to use 4 to 5 drops of oil, while for longer and denser beards, between 8 and 9 drops are recommended. First of all, it is also important that you take into account the type of skin or the dryness of the beard, to vary these doses.

Tips to fix the beard

Depending on the length of the beard and the style of how we like to wear it, it will be necessary to use a special fixer for beards. Today, we can find different fixers depending on the level of fixation we want to achieve.

In addition, there are oils and balms, which, in addition to moisturizing, are also mild and medium-type fixatives. But, if what you need is a greater fixation, you can use waxes to control the hair and beard so that they do not remain loose.

Indications to trim the beard

The three previous tips are as important as the beard arrangement itself. Removing hair from the neck area and cheekbones is important to give it a clean and well-groomed appearance. For this, it is best that you follow the instructions of your barber so as not to exceed the limits that outline your beard.

Recommendations for wearing a beard

First of all, choose the most suitable type of beard for your face shape. Investigate before anything, know the types of beards that exist, and choose the one that most highlights and favours the features of your face.

After this, to carry out the transition of hair growth in the best possible way until you obtain the beard you are looking for, it is best that you go to the barber so that he can shape the hair that grows on your face. In addition, he will know how to advise you on the type of beard that suits you best. You must also be patient.

To avoid itching, it is important that you keep it clean and hydrated. For your beard to always be perfect, it is very important to take care of the skin on which it is born and grows.

As you can see, all of them are very simple steps, which do not cost effort, with which you can always have a neat and beautiful-looking beard.

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