Ladies Sports Bra Manufacturers: This year, you’ve committed to becoming the best person that you can possibly be, eliminating harmful habits and picking up good ones. And one good habit that you promise yourself to work on is to exercise regularly.

Getting into the habit is relatively easy, and in most cases, investment is minimal. You can even get started at home using your body weight, and perhaps wear a FitBit to stay on track. However, if there is one essential investment that active women ought to make, that would be to buy a good sports bra.

Ladies Sports Bra Manufacturers

Ladies Sports Bra Manufacturers
Ladies Sports Bra Manufacturers

Why you need a sports bra

When you exercise, especially when you perform intense, high-impact activities, your breasts can bounce and stretch in different directions. The stress involved during such activities can make your chest area feel painful. Worse, the pain can radiate to other body parts, including your upper back and shoulders.

Over time, when you exercise regularly sans a sports bra, your breasts become stretched and may not be able to return to their normal shape and position.

But what about wearing a regular bra?

Ordinary bras are created for the primary purpose of supporting breasts while women perform normal, low-impact activities.

Ladies Sports Bra Manufacturers Suffice it to say, an ordinary bra cannot sufficiently support your breasts when you perform middle to high-impact activities like running and cycling, for example.

Choosing the right sports bra

Ladies Sports Bra Manufacturers Support type

One of the first things that you need to factor in before buying a sports bra would be the type of activity that you’ll be engaging in. Sports bras can be broadly classified into three categories: low, medium, and heavy support, with each level corresponding to the impact level of the activity.

For example, if you plan on walking or doing yoga, you should choose a low support sports bra. On the other hand, if you are a runner or mountain biker, you should buy a heavy or high support bra. If you plan on engaging in different types of exercises or sports, you should purchase multiple types of bras appropriate for each activity.

Ladies sports bra manufacturers

Another critical factor to consider is the construction of the sports bra. There are three types to choose from encapsulation, compression, and combination.

Encapsulation sports bras have individual cups that support each breast. These bras are suitable for low-impact activities.

Compression sports bras, on the other hand, compress each breast against each other to restrict their movement. These bras are ideal for low to medium-impact activities.

Combination sports bras work by combining the features of both encapsulation and compression bras, providing maximum support without compromising comfort. These are ideal for high-impact activities.

Strap type

Sports bras come with three different strap types: crisscross, tank top, and racerback.

Crisscross straps provide ample support and can be adjusted. They can either be hidden or exposed. Tank top straps are similar to the straps of regular bras and can be adjusted. Racerbacks, on the other hand, cross the back and shoulder blades to form a Y-shape. These bras are ideal for medium to high-impact activities. However, they can’t be adjusted.

Finding your fit with Ladies Sports Bra Manufacturers

Although buying a sports bra is certainly no rocket science, finding one that fits you well can be difficult and often frustrating. Here are a few critical factors to bear in mind before you shop for one:

  • First, you need to measure your rib cage, which is located below your breasts. Make sure that you place the measuring tape snugly; not too tight, not too loose.
  • Once you have the measurement for your rib cage, the next thing you need to do is to find the right band size. Rib cage measurements have a corresponding band size.
  • After getting the correct band size, you will need to measure your bust size. Find the fullest part of your breast and begin measuring around it up to your back.
  • Once you have measured your bust size, take that number and subtract your rib cage measurement — that will give you your cup size.

Other important things to remember

If it’s your first time to try and wear a sports bra, you will immediately notice that it is a bit snugger compared to a regular bra. However, the right fit should not restrict your movement and breathing.

The straps and hardware should not chafe any part of your body, and you should be able to insert at least two fingers comfortably between the straps and your shoulders.

The band should not rise when you raise your hands over your head. If it does, then you are wearing a bra that’s too big for you.

The cups of the bra should fully contain each breast. You may need to adjust your breasts to keep them centered. Look at the fabric of the bra. If you notice wrinkles, you might be wearing a bra that is too large for you. On the other hand, if you see either of your breasts spilling out, you are wearing a bra that is a size too small for you.

Finally, try moving and jumping around to gauge the level of support. Throughout your movements, the bra should support and secure your breasts.

Finding the right Ladies Sports Bra Manufacturers will take time and some testing. However, once you have found a sports bra that works for you, shopping for one will be a lot easier. Wings2fashion is one of the leading companies having experience in complete Ladies Sports Bra Manufacturers, private label clothing manufacturers, suppliers,s and garment exporters in India.


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