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Different Types of Necklines and Collars Stylish necklines are experiencing a comeback. The current collections of the labels play with the most varied forms. An absolute trend cannot be identified, but diversity is still a program. The collar shape determines the outfit much more than you think.

Over time, there were always collar trends – from the sprawling millstone frill of fashion in the 16th, which came up in the 1830s. There are plenty of possibilities between these two necklines: waterfall collars often adorn noble looks. In business styles, you will often find sharp necklines or bold collar styles. Halter neck with a small stand-up collar look especially formal and are unsuitable for business. Turtlenecks are considered to be particularly casual and cool. In general, flat, narrow necklines are more likely to flatter shorter necks, while tall collars ideally set off long necks.

Here you can find 9 most common necklines type for women.

Round Neckline

The absolute classic that you know from all t-shirts. But sweaters made of coarser materials often have around. This neckline design is also known as a necklace neckline. Especially ideal for slim women, because the neck looks visually a bit shorter than the v-necks.

Different Types of Necklines and Collars
Different Types of Necklines and Collars


Visually makes a difference – because the deeper the neck of the v sits, the longer the neck appears. Especially with a large cleavage flatters this collar shape. But also other types of figures, the v is good to face: smaller women appear larger and narrow shoulders can be compensated.

Different Types of Necklines and Collars


The submarine collar is considered an elegant variant of the crew neck. The clavicles are more or less completely visible depending on the size of the bow. Due to the straight shape, the shoulders seem a bit more dominant. For women with less bust size and not too big upper body perfect.

Different Types of Necklines and Collars
Different Types of Necklines and Collars

Waterfall collar

Often to find evening dresses or parts of silk or other noble materials such as satin or velvet – the waterfall collar as a softly falling neck flatters every figure. And in combination with flowing fabrics, it creates a seductive and elegant appearance.


Although the name is not so common, you can often find the Serafino. Interestingly, also in the men’s collections. The round neckline with a short button placket is practical, as you can pull the dress or top comfortably over your head. But also sets a design accent.


The seventies revered him, artists still love him today, advertisers wear him every day and in general, he is considered simply cool: the wheelchair. Cut like a tube and close to the neck, it shows itself closed. But is in the variant as a simple, close-fitting sweater a real eye-catcher. Especially to the mini. Or in the black complete look

Decorative – flounces, ruffles & cut outs

Romantic-playful collars with flounces and deco details or cool cutouts draw the eye. They bring advantage to smaller bumps advantage. And flatter the face. And last but not least, they give every look that certain something.


Different Types of Necklines and Collars
Different Types of Necklines and Collars

Attractive halternecks give evening outfits the perfect finish. The jumpsuit with a backless halterneck top stretches visually and emphasizes the shoulders. With blazers and high heels a perfect night out style.


Also, a way to shape the collar – hoods have long been socially acceptable and have refined the recreational area. Depending on the material and cut, hoods on many occasions are not only suitable but sometimes extremely extravagant and cool. Still very popular as a casual look.

Would you have thought that there are so many different collar shapes? And that some of them are real classics? And: do you have an all-time favorite?

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