3 Ply Mask

Since the break of Coronavirus, our lives have drastically changed. It’s no longer what it used to be. We have learned to live in a locked-down social distancing environment. We have become very conscious in maintaining a high level of hygiene, but the most visible change is the use of masks. It’s now mandatory to wear a mask in public where we can use surgical and Designer Cotton Mask Manufacturer Exporter India.

Surgical Face Mask

There are various types of masks available in the market, making it difficult to know which one will actually help.

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Things you need to know about masks

Cotton Mask Manufacturer

The most preferred mask during this crisis is considered to be N95. However, it has been proven that a 3-ply surgical mask is equally effective. A 3-ply surgical mask is made of 3 layers. The outer layers are made of non-woven fabric while the inner layer is made of a material that has a high level of static filtration, also known as melt-down material. This inner layer is very effective in preventing any micro-organism or bacteria from filtering through.

Cotton Mask Manufacturer
Cotton Mask Manufacturer

Preventing from infectious Corona or other virus

It is a protective shield that guards you and others against any microdroplets entering or exiting through the nose or mouth. So if you or anyone else sneezes or coughs, it doesn’t allow infiltration and keeps you safe.

With a spike in demand for surgical masks and Designer Cotton Mask manufacturers Exporter India across the world, various mask manufacturing units have sprung up like mushrooms. However, there are a number of genuine Mask Manufacturers India that manufacture premium quality surgical and other types of masks along with Mask Exporters India.

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