Organic Clothing Manufacturers

What is organic clothing?

Clothes that are made without any harmful chemicals, including without toxic dyes, pesticides, and synthetic materials, are called organic garments. The organic way of growing natural fibers and processing them into soft, chemical-free clothes keeps the environment safe. Organic farming is great for the soil and the plant as there are no pesticides used.

 It’s a lot more beneficial for children as they are more prone to the ill effects of these chemicals. Conventional clothing has many chemicals that will cause many problems, including hormonal imbalance, food allergies, obesity, etc.

What is trending for babies?

Sleepsuits that are made of 100 percent organic cotton is one of the most sought-after clothing by parents for their babies. Sleepsuits are great for all weather conditions. You can easily layer up in winters. Tiny Twig offers GOTS certified organic cotton clothes for babies. Their sleepsuits have a diagonal zipper for easy diaper changing and also to ensure the zip doesn’t irritate the baby’s neck. If you want to cover the baby’s hands and toes, there are in-built fold back cuffs that act as mittens and socks. Mosquito bites or scratches from nails – you can avoid it all. They also offer a matching beanie that is adjustable with the sleepsuit.

Organic Clothing Manufacturers
Organic Clothing Manufacturers

What is trending in Organic Clothing Manufacturers for women?

From cardigans to chikankari, there are a variety of prints and products in organic women’s clothing. Urbanic and Brown Living are great to check out organic clothing. Ensure that whatever you buy has a certification that is trustworthy. Cotton dresses and Peplum tops are the looks of this season. Organic cotton is exceptionally soft and comfortable and looks like it’s how we all can go through the hot climate because of global warming. Organic clothes are sustainable and though they are a bit expensive, they are very durable.

Organic Clothing Manufacturers
Organic Clothing Manufacturers

Wings2fashion is Organic Clothing Manufacturer in India to contribute towards sustainable clothing manufacturers. We are a Fairtrade clothing manufacturer in India.

Let us know in the comments your favorite organic clothing brand. We’d love to hear from you.

Organic Clothing Manufacturers

If you are really keen in making Clothing and Textiles then, first and foremost, there are many clothing manufacturers from India which will give you the required contract. You can check out the websites of these companies to find out their contracts. There are a wide range of Private Label Clothing Manufacturers in India that are offering their services to the clients across the world at a really competitive rate. These companies make sample products of different brands and provide you with complete information about the same. You can get in touch with these companies via online for further assistance or you can also visit them physically to make sample products of your own.

Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers

If you want to know more about our services then, just log on to the website and fill-up the form. We will contact you and provide you with a sample product of any of the brands. You will also get to know the price range as well as the delivery details and the ways and means to contact us. The price range may vary according to the time and place of manufacturing. The Nike Sustainable Apparel Collection is a great example of the kind of clothing we will be offering you. When you will be offering them for sale to the customers in the country or abroad, it will not only be for a low price but also because they are eco-friendly, pure and ethical, comfortable to the wearer, and of course sustainable.

The material that is used by us to manufacture the apparel is eco-friendly polypropylene. It is lightweight and very durable. Due to the popularity of the collection among the consumers we used machine for all step, have a try on this kind of apparels and if you are not satisfied then you can return the product. As far as the designing process is concerned all our clothes pass through the Specialty Clothing Examination Program. This certification, safe for humans on all the steps ensures that we are only selling quality garments to the customers.

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