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Fashion Tips for Teenage Girl With so many different types of clothing, prints, styles, and fabrics on every fashion brand’s racks, it can get pretty overwhelming for anyone which clothes and shoes to buy and ignore. And if you are busy juggling your family, career, and trying to find a well-deserved me-time, thinking about how to dress in style is sometimes the least of the things you worry about – but fret not!

Whether you are a career woman, a college girl, or a busy mom, we have listed ten tips every girl should know so you can dress out without ever thinking that you have nothing to wear when you have a closet full of clothes.

Fashion Tips for Teenage Girl

Fashion Tips for Teenage Girl
Fashion Tips for Teenage Girl

Know what your body type is

Knowing the body type that you have is the first step in finding the clothes and shoes that will accentuate your best features. If you are not sure what your body type is, here are some examples that you can refer to:


If your butt and thighs are more prominent than your upper body, like Kim K’s, then you have a pear-shaped body.


But if your upper body like shoulders and bustline are prominent as opposed to your lower body, then you have an apple-shaped figure.


If you have a well-defined waistline and your upper and lower body are both proportionate to each other, then you have an hourglass-shaped figure.


If you do not have a well-defined waistline and hips, and when you look at your shadow, and your silhouette appears to be pretty straight, then you have a rectangular-shaped figure.

Inverted Triangle

If your shoulders are broader compared to your hips, similar to an athlete’s, then you have an inverted triangular-shaped figure.

For apple and inverted triangle body types, detailed and bright colored flats can be worn so the attention would not be focused on bust, tummy, and shoulders.

For hourglass and pear body types, you can keep the details and color basic if you do not want attention to your full legs and thighs.

For rectangular with straight figure body type, feel free to experiment with bead detailed or printed sandals for more physical dimension.

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Know your feet type

If you do not know what kind of feet you have, read below for some guidelines.

  • Narrow feet – Narrow width, with a normal arch
  • Regular feet – Normal width,  normal arch
  • Wide – Have a protrusion, longer second toe, broad width, or regular width but with a high arch

Invest in classic pieces of clothing

Investing in timeless pieces of clothing can be worn at any time of the year without worrying if these styles are the current trend.

White sneakers, black flats, black leather sandals, nude sandals, black and nude pumps, neutral black strappy sandals, ankle booties, and casual boots are some examples of essential shoes you could own that goes well with almost every clothing.

Less can mean more

fashion for teenage girl One of Michael Kors’ tips in styling is not to wear too many accessories. If you are going for bold sunglasses or shoes, skip the statement earrings and bright-colored lipsticks. And true enough, doing so will make you not look tacky.

If what you are wearing is an over-the-top kind of dress, opt for simple classic pair of heels; if you are wearing a toned-down sort of outfit, spice it up with shoes that will make you stand out.

Presentation matters

André Leon Talley, a former Fashion News Director and Creative Director of Vogue, says that details such as being attentive, having eye contact, and well-groomed nails matter.

If you are wearing designer clothing and shoes, but skipped out on having your mani-pedi done, it can make you look like you are wearing a rip-off because how come you can afford these luxury items but cannot even afford to get yourself a manicure, right?

Never use the word “cheap.”

Karl Lagerfeld, the Creative Director of Chanel, a French fashion house, and Fendi, an Italian fashion house, says that you can look chic even in the most inexpensive pieces of clothing.

Reinvent without having to spend

If you want to have new clothes and shoes but are on a budget, Karl Lagerfeld also shares that you should reinvent what you already have in your closet and be more creative in terms of mixing and matching what you own.

Things that may seem little such as the color of your lipstick, hairstyle, and nail polish can affect the overall look of your outfit, so make sure to change that from time to time Fashion Tips for Teenage Girl.

Add color to your life

If you are the kind of girl (or boy) who prefers to wear an all-black or an all-white ensemble, Anna Wintour, Vogue’s Editor-In-Chief, always says to invest in a piece or two of colorful garments – and that same rule also goes with shoes. Not only you can wear these together with your monochromatic outfit; it can add a pop of needed color, making you look more youthful than boring.

Find yourself the perfect pair of shoes

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Heels, sandals, or sneakers, it is true what Marilyn Monroe has said – if you have, comfortable walking sandals it will take you to many great places. If you have a beautiful pair of walking sandals but are uncomfortable to wear, you will be forced to get stuck in one place because of the blisters it will give you.

Tailor your clothes accordingly

If you are wondering why even at the simplest dresses, Audrey Hepburn still looks chic – that is because she has her clothes tailored. Find a dressmaker that you can trust to alter your clothes to save you from buying the same type of ill-fitting clothing over and over again.

Although some clothes that you have can look boring now and then, tailoring them according to your body is the perfect way to make them look neat and expensive – regardless of how much they really are. By doing so, it will make a significant impact on your overall look because it goes to show that wherever you go, looking crisp is essential to you Fashion Tips for Teenage Girl.

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