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Private label Clothing manufacturer

 Meet the private label T-Shirt clothing manufacturer in India

We take pride in being one of the most reputed private label custom T-Shirt manufacturer India and private label clothing supplier to worldwide. We have a great infrastructure which helps us maintain our huge production line up. we offer various men's garments and other necessary garments of women along with kids wear. We have a great team of professionals who strive for better production and also with better quality. Our designers and experts related to fashion ware help in better and greater productivity for our clients.

Why will you want to buy our product?

Private label T-SHirt Manufacturer

 As being one of the best private label T-Shirt supplier company and small batch clothing manufacturers USA in the world of garments and jeans, we just not provide the products with quantity but with great quality also. Every product from our factory line up is quality control approved and we never compromise on the quality of a single garment. That is why we just don’t supply our products across the various cities in India, but we also export our products in various foreign countries like USA, UK, France, Germany etc.

The qualities we have regarding our product includes,

  • Great durability
  • Strength
  • Every product is washable
  • Does not wear and tear after prolonged use
  • Stretchable and fits on various sizes
  • Has great design and unique style statement
  • Superior performance even in the harshest environment
  • Is not affected even after not in use for several months

Wings2fashion private label clothing manufacturer India

We make sure that every product is nicely packed before it is dispatched and made ready for supply. We provide proper care for the shipment and make sure that every package is received at the consumer end without any spoil. We also keep the time in mind, so that our customers can have their product whenever they want within the stipulated time. Wings2fashion is one of the leading company having experience in complete private label clothing manufacturer, supplier and garment exporter in India.

If you want to know more about us, then you can visit our website or you can connect with us on our Facebook or Twitter fan page. 

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