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Computerised Embroidery

Fashion clothing has very important role due worldwide appeal and play a substantial role in world economy. With this view Wings2fashion has come up the globe to meet the current standard and vast range of fashion wear with Computerised embroidery design India.

Computer Embroidery is now going very popular over the last year due to low cost labour and its high supply of quantity clothes. It is very difficult to perfecting the art of embroidery manually and computerized embroidery machine is minutely perfect with less effort and lack wastage of time thats our advantage.

Some basic of Operating Computerized Embroidery Sewing Machine

The basic steps in operating a computerized embroidery sewing machine are as follow:

  • Purchasing or making your own digitized embroidery design file
  • Editing the design or combining it with other designs, if you want to
  • Loading the design file onto the machine
  • Preparing the fabric and the thread
  • Starting the machine and monitoring its progress
  • Loading the Design File

Wings2fashion offer high fashion computer embroidery work with the variety of clothing. We offer computer embroidery works, dupatta embroidery, wedding embroidery, fabric embroidery, curtain embroidery, sherwani embroidery, wedding embroidery work and silk fabric embroidery.